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“It all starts and ends with people”

EnableNet is a broadband and Telecom company that provides high speed and super high-speed internet to our customers, both residential and business. The company is the brainchild of CEO and founder Rob Flannigan who had the idea for EnableNet in response to the COVID-19 Crisis.

Rob recognised that the pandemic was fuelling the growing digital divide crisis in the UK. He wanted to build a social enterprise company that was authentic in its beliefs, transparent in practice, and that gave back to the local community.

EnableNet is at the forefront of broadband technology and is one of the first companies in the UK to offer broadband without line rental. We are more than just another business that is out for profit, we are a social enterprise. This means we give back to the community. We are answerable to our customers, not our shareholders. We are committed to reducing the digital divide in the UK and stand behind our commitment to donate one in every ten broadband packages sold, to a household that otherwise would not be able to access the internet,

We put our customers at the centre of our organisation, and that is why there are no lengthy contracts.

Robert Flannigan, Founder & CEO

Providing reliable internet For all.

Robert Flannigan operates a number of socially responsible companies. His latest venture is EnableNet, where he donates broadband services to those in need.

​The Idea happened when EnableGaming was no longer able to trade due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Setting off to level the playing field of utilities that are unaffordable or unreachable to certain individuals EnableNet was founded.

Blue, CBO (Chief Barking Officer)

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